Oily Skin Treatment

Discover How To Control Oily Skin And Get Rid Of The Shine

Discover How To Control Oily Skin And Get Rid Of The Shine

Discover How To Control Oily Skin And Get Rid Of The Shine

Have an important event or date and all you are worried about is whether your face has started shining which is making you even more nervous because all you want to do is wipe the shine off because you want to make a good impression. Being able to control oily skin can be a lifelong challenge as this skin type can affect anyone of any age.

We all want to make a good first impression and unfortunately our appearance is usually what most people look at first and a shiny oily face presented to the world does not make a good impression and causes great distress to someone who has to deal with this skin type. While we are told to appreciate this skin type because it keeps the skin wrinkle free for longer than someone with dry skin, it is still just a small comfort and all you really want is to learn how to control oily skin for good.

Oily Skin Characteristics

Oily skin is usually genetic. Others may develop this skin type because of hormone activity such as puberty, pregnancy, around the menstrual cycle, menopause, etc. Oily skin can also be due to the environment, cosmetics as well as diet. In order to control oily skin, you have to look at all these areas to determine why you have oily skin and go from there.

Discover How To Control Oily Skin And Get Rid Of The ShineThis skin type is no fun as it can be dull looking and thick with large pores and can also be prone to acne although this is not always the case since acne is caused by more than oil clogged pores. Bacteria has to interact with the oil and dead skin clogged pores leading to breakouts so someone with dry or normal skin can also have acne.

With the excessive oil production, while some of the oil can increase the shine on the surface of the skin, it can also clog pores that can lead to acne or blackheads. In addition to the greasy shine, this skin type can also look coarse.

Many people can also have combination skin which means that some areas such as the cheeks are dry or normal whereas the “T” zone (forehead and nose) is very oily so they not only need to deal with the oily parts but also the dry parts of the skin and they can either use different products for the dry and oily parts which can be a challenge or use products that effectively deal with both areas of the skin.

Tips To Control Oily Skin

1. The first step is to look at your cleansing routine. While you want to properly clean your skin, you do not want to be overly aggressive. You do not want to cleanse your skin to the point of making it extremely dry which will only trigger excessive oil production to counteract the dryness.

2. Depending on the level of your oiliness, you may consider using a gentle toner or astringent after cleansing to remove any soap or cleanser residue as well as to further regulate oil production. Avoid toners with alcohol which will only be drying to the skin.

3. If you choose to use a moisturizer, use a light moisturizer that states that it is oil free. With your problem with excessive oil production, you want to ensure that the products used are water based and oil free.

4. A clay or mud mask is also an excellent way to control oily skin and you can even make this mask at home after purchasing the right clay for oily or combination skin. It is mineral rich which makes it excellent for skin especially oily and combination skin as it is a great absorbent so toxins and excess sebum (oil) are removed from the skin. Can also be used as a face cleanser.


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